Omagine Project


The company has proposed to the government of Oman the development by Omagine LLC of a real-estate and tourism project known as the Omagine Project

  • The Omagine Pearls: surrounded by a vibrant creative community, poised to inspire the World. Omagine serves not only to enlighten the world, but also its residents, its City and Country. The “creative community” comes together along the boardwalk, a part of the glorious Sultan’s Way, to foster innovation and imagination. Visitors to Omagine experience truly incredible hospitality and world-class service at the resort’s five-star hotels.

  • The Omagine Amphitheater: A Crown Jewel for Experiencing a Better Tomorrow An impressive coliseum that houses 2000 spectators. A grand structure that illustrates the noble mission of the Omagine project bringing together visitors from East and West to experience the Omagine's pay-per-visit shows and multimedia festivals.

  • The Omagine Boardwalk The boardwalk is the genus loci, the central place, which draws us to Omagine. A place where culture and entertainment meets unique shopping and incredible restaurants, creating highly memorable experiences.

  • The Omagine Wadi and Marina The water trickling, cooling as it interweaves throughout Omagine, creates stunning reflections of light and show along its path to the sea. The Wadi and Marina create an active destination for watercraft and people who love the water.

  • Welcome to Omagine Residents of Muscat, Seeb and Oman, along with visitors from around the world are welcomed to Omagine, the Inspiration of Oman. Omagine is accessible to all, with unique pathways and streets leading to the jewel-like, cultural entertainment Pearls beautifully aligned along the Boardwalk.

  • Omagine: The Complete Place to Be Omagine will be developed as a complete community fostering an environment to live, work and play. The Landmark Pearls, hotels and a 21st century Omani souk is combined with innovative places to work and comfortable residences, all creating a vibrant and desirable part of the City.

  • The Fibonacci Spiral: An Arabian Story The organizing element of Omagine is the Fibonacci Spiral based on Arabian mathematics and found harmoniously throughout nature. The spiraling Boardwalk carefully positions the luminescent Omagine Pearls as they hug the shoreline.

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The Omagine Project

Omagine Oman مشروع أوماجين

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