About omagine

Omagine, Inc. is an entertainment, hospitality and tourism company with significant property management operations and residential and commercial real estate development activities.

The company is headquartered in New York City and has a subsidiary in Muscat, Oman. Depending upon unfolding events, the Company intends to open branch offices in Beirut, Lebanon and in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates during 2018.

We are a publicly traded Delaware, USA corporation. Our stock symbol is OMAG.

We select distinctive locations, mostly in the Middle East and North Africa (the “MENA Region”), which we design and develop into unique tourism destinations that have a “high culture” flavor and a “pop culture” texture. The MENA Region is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world and governments there are diversifying their economies with tourism projects that create local employment.

The Company is focused on MENA Region entertainment, hospitality and real-estate development opportunities because we believe the enormous financial resources in the MENA Region combined with the governmental strategic vision presents superb development opportunities.

In addition to the Omagine Project in Oman, we have been holding serious discussions with Omani government officials regarding other projects in Oman and we have held initial discussions with government officials and business people in the MENA region about similar projects and other business opportunities therein. Company management, which has strong existing relationships with many businessmen and various Government officials in the region believes that opportunities will develop for the Company.

Oman is a wealthy, politically stable, forward & outward looking country in the southern Gulf region that has enormous economic and geographic assets. With its mountains, waterfalls, deserts, extensive coastlines and 6,000 year old cultural and maritime history, it provides unique tourism opportunities in the MENA Region.

Our destination properties are upscale, uplifting and uproariously entertaining.

Our projects always include traditionally designed residential and commercial components but the tourism components are thematically imbued with culturally aware and scientifically accurate entertainment experiences. All of our developments are historically faithful to their surroundings. The tourism elements tend to emphasize the great art, music, culture, science and philosophy of the world – the Great Ideas - while simultaneously being hip, stylish, trendy and very 21st century.

We have a family-oriented design and development bias which we employ to make our properties tell true and entertaining stories about their surroundings and the world. Our developments seamlessly integrate entertainment with art, culture, science and history.

Why do we do this?

Our aim is to generate exceptional value for our shareholders and to change the world into a more peaceful, prosperous, egalitarian and friendly place.

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From the Chairman

We put our shareholders at the center of
everything we do. We mobilize our people and resources to design and develop truly unique world-class tourism destinations that provide superior financial returns.

We will continue to explore emerging opportunities in the MENA Region and beyond in order to fulfill this mission.

Frank J. Drohan Chairman & CEO Omagine, Inc.